The traditional first dance of the bride and groom is a highlight of your wedding reception. This first dance symbolizes the love between two people and the start of a new life together. You are sharing this moment with your guests, and all eyes are on you.
You will want to make your first dance special. We will make you feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor and help you create wedding memories you’ll be proud to share. Your wedding dance will be as unique as you are. We’ll teach you in simple steps so you can enjoy learning how to move together effortlessly in a choreographed routine to the music of your choice. We will make learning how to dance fun, easy and entertaining.
Your Wedding dance lessons are customized to your preferences, dancing experience and music choice.
There are many factors that can affect a dance. Before we choreograph your dance, we take into account your height, dress and suit style, the type of shoes you will wear, your dance experience, physicality and personality.
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